Code of Conduct


For The
Southern California Viking Club
A member is not only loyal to the Vikings, but also adheres to the points in the Code of Conduct. These points outline the ideal, conduct, and philosophy of the club and its members.

(1) A member does not criticize the Viking franchise regarding draft picks, coaching, trades and other decisions made by the front office personnel. A member recognizes the decisions are made to benefit the team.

(2) A member exhibits dignity, pride and poise; characteristic of the franchise and the club. A member does not taunt in victory or exhibit bad sportsmanship in defeat.

(3) A member wearing the Viking or club logo is a representative of the club and conducts himself in a manner that does not taint or discredit the members or clubs ideals.

(4) A member is always courteous and respectful to any member or guest who is speaking during club meetings or functions.

(5) A member does not engage in activity that embarrasses or inhibits others from enjoying the viewing of a Viking game.

(6) A member does not disparage other teams or their fans. A member acknowledges their allegiance and respects their loyalty.

(7) A member preserves and supports the club, its members and philosophy by remaining committed to the fellowship in action and or spirit.

(8) A member recognizes the efforts of the Viking players as playing to the best of their ability in an effort to win each and every game, also accepting the fact that mistakes and miscues are human.